Quality Process

Delivering a quality repair doesn’t start when the customer picks up the completed vehicle. We’ve identified eight steps to the repair process. Our staff confirms and documents that quality standards have been achieved BEFORE we allow the vehicle to proceed to the next step in the repair.  This leads to quicker, more accurate repairs and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Before repairs begin: The damaged vehicle is bought to the repair center for an initial inspection and estimate. The estimate is the blueprint for repairs and will be updated throughout the repair process. This inspection determines which of the following steps will be required to properly repair the vehicle.
  • Documentation: Every in-process vehicle carries a Quality Process Tracking form on its dashboard. This form follows the 8 step process with reminders for the Technicians as they complete each step. Quality is checked before the vehicle leaves for the next phase of repair, AND when it is received in that phase PRIOR to work beginning.
  • Disassembly: The vehicle is taken apart to determine the extent of damage and to begin the repair process. The repair blueprint is updated to include any damage that may not have been visible during the initial estimate. Any additional parts are ordered at this time.
  • Frame repair and measuring: The vehicle is mounted to a large bench and specialty fixtures are attached so that measurements can be taken. These measurements will show what needs to be corrected to return your vehicle to factory specifications. Documentation of the exact measurements completes this step, and confirms it has been done properly.
  • Metal repair and replacement: During this step, the Technician is replacing or repairing the vehicle’s sheet metal. Fit is checked continuously, all adjustments are performed immediately, up to the time it enters the paint step.
  • Mechanical repairs: Our highly trained staff has on-line access to repair procedures and vehicle schematics to ensure that even the most complex repair will be completed properly. We are able to draw on a wealth of Factory Trained and Certified Technicians to ensure that your vehicle is returned to factory specifications and operates properly and safely.
  • Paint preparation: Care is taken throughout the repair process to protect the vehicle’s interior, but it extremely critical when preparing for exterior paint. Paying attention to detail during this stage reduces the amount of time required to clean the vehicle later, getting you back on the road sooner!
  • Painting: Our Paint Technicians are certified by our Paint manufacturers, so we are able to offer a life time warranty on the paint finish. Their training emphasizes color matching techniques, so your vehicle will always be returned to you looking brand new. Our Collision Center is also equipped with heated spray booths. This minimizes the possibility of dust in the finish, and speeds up the curing process similar to the original factory paint application.
  • Reassembly: After the new paint finish has cooled, your vehicle’s color match is re-confirmed. At this point, the vehicle is put back together. Glass, mirrors, door handles, etc… are reinstalled.
  • Cleanup and Final Quality check: While our detail technicians prepare the vehicle for delivery, it is also reinspected to ensure that all work promised was completed to our high standards according to our Blueprint for Repair.